Website Management

Everything Your Website Needs

We are the BodyGuard, protecting your website!

We cover all aspects of your WordPress website, from scheduled backups and monitoring to review of WordPress and plugin updates for compatibility.

With management and monitoring of your website, you can rest easy knowing your in good hands.

Updates to plugins, themes & core

Just like your computer, your WordPress websites has a lot of components that all require updates.

We create a restore point of your website before completing any update and have partnered with teams that provide WPScan Vulnerabilities in real time to stay information about what plugins are vulnerable.

Regular restore points allow our team to roll back updates if anything goes wrong.

Incremental Cloud Backups

We protect each WordPress website’s data with secure, reliable, incremental cloud backups.

All our backups are stored off-site with Amazon S3 infrastructure and can run backup cycles on a monthly, weekly or daily cycle. We even offer an hourly cycle for high volume eCommerce websites.

Everything you need from a great backup.

Monitoring & Performance

A website is designed to be online, available, fast and safe.

We monitor your WordPress website and are notified if it goes down, performance speeds drop or if pages you have linked to are no longer available. Ensure your WordPress website is performing at its optimal, and is clean from any infected files or suspicious links.

Have peace of mind, we are checking you stay online.

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